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Standing or sitting on a spinning bike?

Standing or sitting on a spinning bike?

November 16,2022
1. Sit and ride
It is generally suitable for beginners. The legs are basically the main force of sitting and riding, so the fat reduction effect on the legs will be better. In addition, the weight of the body is mostly on the seat, so it will not put too much pressure on the knee joints.
spinning bike
2. Stand and ride
The weight of the body in this way of riding is pressed on the legs of people, so there will be a lot of pressure on the knees, which is not suitable for a long time. This way will drive the whole body of the user, so the effect of reducing fat will be seen in the whole body.
spinning bike
These two methods can be used properly. At the beginning, you can sit and ride first because you are inexperienced, so as to avoid hurting joints due to improper posture.
3. Alternate riding
After exercising for a period of time, you can use the alternate way, that is, sitting and riding at the beginning of a movement, slowly accepting the intensity of the movement, and then starting to stand and ride, and the next stage is sitting and riding to finish.
spinning bike
This process is OK. Don't forget to stretch for 15 minutes after the end, which will relieve the condition of joints and legs.
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