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The goal of aerobic exercise is to increase cardiorespiratory endurance. During exercise, a large amount of energy and oxygen is required due to muscle contraction, and the demand for oxygen increases, and the number of contractions of the heart, the amount of blood sent out each time, the number of breaths, and the degree of contraction of the lungs increase.

So when exercise continues and muscles contract for a long time, the heart and lungs must work hard to supply oxygen to the muscles and transport rubbish from the muscles. And this constant demand can improve cardiorespiratory endurance. When cardiorespiratory endurance increases, the body can engage in longer or more intense exercise.And less prone to fatigue.

Low-intensity, long-term exercise is basically aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, long-distance slow swimming, cycling, dancing, etc. Aerobic exercise can effectively exercise the heart, lungs and other organs, can improve cardiovascular and lung function. In the process of using oxygen,There is a considerable time difference,this time difference determines that vigorous, short periods of exercise become anaerobic exercise.When you exercise long enough, oxygen has been dissolved into the cells, and the glucose in the body is fully "burned" to convert into new energy Such exercise is aerobic exercise.

How to Choose the Best Cardio Fitness Equipment

Have you ever thought about investing in home cardio fitness equipment and turning your home into your home gym?

Specific to your Fitness Goals

An important factor to consider when deciding on the equipment you think will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Aligns with Your Budget

Another variable that should be considered (and this is probably the most important for many people) is determining your budget and how much you are willing to invest in home cardio fitness equipment.

Fits Your Space

The last important variable that should be considered before investing in home cardio fitness equipment is making sure you have enough designated space for proper storage.

Best Home Cardio Fitness Equipment


Running is one of the most common ways of exercise, some people think that running outdoors is better for physical and mental health, others argue that running on a treadmill is more effective.

The treadmill is based on aerobic training, whether it is a sweat or a warm-up before core training, the treadmill is a good choice.

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Elliptical machine

It is also known as spacewalker, are generally available in gyms with treadmills. Its design is more scientific and avoids the damage to the knee caused by the impact force generated during running. At the same time, due to the elliptical machine has a relatively wide range of movement, it enhances the endurance and strength of the lumbar muscles.

For bodybuilders with damaged knees or fluid buildup that is not suitable for running, an elliptical machine for cardio or warm-up is a good option.

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Spinning bike

Actually,spinning bike are improved indoor bike. Spinning bike is to achieve the purpose of fat loss while consuming energy after fully activating the body's motor cells.

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Exercise bike

From the perspective of riding methods, dynamic single station standing riding or sitting riding are available, flexibility can be understood as similar to bicycles, and exercise bikes are divided into two sports states: lying and sitting.

Exercise bike is a sports equipment suitable for all ages, the requirements for the legs are not very large, It's a good choice if you just warm up or do a workout stretch.

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Rowing machine

This equipment is like its name, is exercised by simulating the action of rowing,at the same time it can measure the force and frequency of movement consumed by the athlete in the process, so it is also called an ergometer.

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