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Indoor rowers simulate watercraft rowing. The rowing motion uses your entire body, making it a full-body workout machine. Because of this, many view rowing machines as one of the most effective cardio options.
Rowing machines use your back and arms more than other types of cardio equipment. They also help with coordination and engage core muscles.
Overall, these machines are a good choice for those who want to build both upper- and lower-body strength.


Treadmills are a gym staple. Featuring a moving platform with a conveyor belt, treadmills allow users to run or walk in place. Treadmills are easy to use and allow you to work out at different inclines or speeds. The ability to set a speed helps to keep your heart rate consistent throughout your workout.
The popularity of treadmills is not without reason. Treadmills can be a great training aid for road races. Their versatility also allows for a variety of workouts to keep things fresh...


Recumbent bikes
With this, you’ll have a reclined body position, and the muscles you’ll work are predominantly leg muscles. They’re the most gentle on the joints and support your back, making them a good option if you struggle with arthritis or general aches and pains.


As well as being a great cardio workout, cycling is an effective way of building muscle and strength in your lower body, helping you to tone up your legs and bum. Because exercise bikes have this mix of cardio and strength training, they can burn a substantial amount of calories. And to top it all off, they are low-risk, low-impact as there's not a lot of stress placed on joints. In fact, exercise bikes help improve joint mobility and strength because of the pedaling motion.


Spin bikes
Also known as aerobic bikes, they’re best for interval and strength training helping to boost stamina. They also allow you to train harder, in a variety of positions to maximize muscle engagement and fat burn.



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