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DEQING SISTER SPORTS CO., LTD. specializes in designing and developing fitness equipment.

Our fitness products include treadmill, home gym, fitness bikes, bench, AB machines, steppers, trampolines and other sports fitness equipment.

In a wide variety of fitness brands, we are the brand focusing on technology, and our product details and processes have gone through numerous practices and inspections. We are a firm innovator, aiming to redefine the professional field of home fitness equipment. We are pursuing perfectness, hoping to offer users the enjoyment of fitness and more the charm of persistence. Fitness has become a part of superior life. The use of environmental-friendly materials, positive and innovative technologies, comprehensive safety testing, demanding details of the standard. and the perfect service system are what we are concerned about.

The following advantages will be the reason that you choose us as your partner:

Raw material and part inspection

QC in every production procedure

Semi-product inspection

Finished product inspection

Packing inspection

Testing products at random before delivery

Every Process Strictly Controls the Quality

Raw Material

We have sufficient raw material reserves

Steel Cutting

Specific advantages of laser cutting machine:

  • High cutting accuracy: positioning accuracy of laser cutting machine is 0.05mm, and repeated positioning accuracy is 0.03mm
  • Fast speed: more than 100 times of wire cutting.
  • The heat affected zone is small and not easy to deform. The cutting seam is flat and beautiful, without subsequent treatment.
  • Stable performance to ensure continuity

Mechanical Arm Welding

Advantages of manipulator laser welding machine:

  • Multi station welding operation saves fixture installation time and greatly improves production efficiency;
  • High repetition accuracy, repeated and correct welding, no consumables, flexible processing, low operating cost;
  • Some places can replace manual operation, suitable for welding in some difficult spaces;
  • The laser beam can be focused on a very small area, and can be used to weld small and closely spaced parts;
  • High automation integration, high speed welding can be realized.


The process flow before sanding of the paint line is loading → water avoidance area → pre degreasing → dripping → degreasing → Dripping → Cleaning 1 → Dripping → Cleaning 2 → Double blowing → Drying → Cooling → Unloading

Packing Line

We have two flow production lines, which can meet the production of various orders


More than a manufacturer and distributor, we focus on your business, helping you achieve your long-term goals

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Sisterunion is a Professional Manufacturer and Developer of Home Use Fitness Equipment in China.

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