▶ Made from high-grade steel, this new foldable weight bed helps target and condition specific muscle groups.
▶ The backrest can be set to different drop levels, which allows you to exercise on different muscle groups per inch.
▶ Durable, water and oil resistant PU material, soft and sturdy cushions for support.
▶ Multi-functional machine stretching, leg training, push-up and recline sit-up, adjustable flat and reclined backrests, providing strength in all strengths.
▶ Fully foldable for easy storage.

Carton Size: 106.5x45x14.5 cm
Product Size: 160x122x102.5 cm
G.W./N.W.: 22.85/20.45 kgs
Loading Q'TY.: 20'/40'/40HQ: 402/834/978 pcs