▶ Anti-skid feet together with U-shaped buckle for added safety; elongated & widened tubes keep this pull-up bar in great stability; sleek surface protects your hard wood floor from scratching.
▶ Elbow cushion made of soft foam can withstand years of wear and tear without sacrificing resilience; handles wrapped with foam bring ultimate hand feeling; triangle design for added stability.
▶ Sweat-free sit-up cushion maximizes your comforts and minimize your sweat even in summer; the soft cushion can conform to your cervical vertebra and alleviate back stress, no worry for joint hurt or back pain.
▶ Adjust height of the top bar by twisting the knob; and foam on both ends of the bar brings incredible hand feeling.
▶ Sit-ups are proved to strengthen core, increase flexibility and range of motion, improve posture, and reduce risk of back pain or injuries. And the resilient sit-up plate is perfect for users to do sit-ups in comforts.
▶ Hold the bars and raise your body while targeting all your strength on arms, which will definitely tone your biceps, triceps and forearms within a month.
▶ The vertical knee raise station is designed to build up your abdominal muscles and strengthen arm strength. Meanwhile it helps you to burn more calories and reshape your body in a few days.

box 1(LxWxH): 113x35x19.5 cm
box 1(LxWxH): 130x31x18.5 cm
Product Size: 172.5x73.5x220.5 cm
Main tube: 50x50X1.5; 50x50x1.2; 50x25x1.2; 50x25x1.5 mm
G.W./N.W.: 42/39 kgs
Loading Q'TY: 20'/40'/40HQ: 160/336/395 pcs